Agent Engagement
Engage and manage better while working remotely
Collaborationroom.AI is a cutting-edge alternative to all
other collaboration tools in the marketplace, a purpose
built tool designed for Contact Centers, this platform
empowers supervisors with ability to manage teams
as if they were in a brick-and-mortar type facility.

Do you provide your teams
with one basic human need...


One of the most basic human needs is the need for belongingness and for a connection. We are, by human nature, social beings that thrive on our interaction with others. Be it with families or our teams, political affiliations, or religious groups, we have always been at our happiest and best when we are engaging with others…our tribes!

Engage and collaborate better while working remotely

Our tribes do provide us with comfort, self-worth, confidence, and purpose. Without all that human engagement, stress, anxiety, and depression can overwhelm us. We understand the effect of these mental health issues. They affect every aspect of our lives. That includes our work and productivity.

You remember this well as you and your team
rallied historically. You overcame operational
and tactical obstacles you never envisioned
happening and hope they never happen again.

Somewhere in deep and dark recesses of your
business continuity plan, you had contingencies
for short-term disruptions or catastrophes, but
we’ll bet our next paycheck that you didn’t have
a page titled “Long-term Global Pandemic and
the Lasting Effects on Our Team Members”.
When the pandemic struck us, our world was
flipped upside down. In the blink of an eye we
were robbed of our tribes, forced into isolation.
We changed our bedrooms into offices, gyms,
and sometimes both. Small rooms became our
world reality and they were where we existed.
"Now, it is your responsibility as a leader of people, of your tribe,
to ensure that your remote team members are engaged"

Engaging remote team members improves -




Worklife Balance

So, what have you done? The occasional virtual happy hour is nice, but what have you REALLY done?
You are the hero of this story. We are merely your guide. Follow us, and we will provide the map!

Individual Team Rooms

Provision of virtual room for each supervisor’s team members. Managers, system administrators can then access all team rooms

Breakout Rooms

Provision of break-out rooms for meetings, trainings where team members and supervisor can
share ideas and collanborate.

Assistance Notification

Collaborationroom.AI allows team members the ability to notify their supervisor when assistance is needed via a virtual “hand raise”.

Private Calls for 1:1 Coaching

Collaboration.AI enables both supervisors and team members to initiate one-on-one private calls for training assistance or feedback.

Facial AI

Collaborationroom.AI leverages
Face Recognition A.I., recognises the mood of an individual team member in real-time scenario

Real Time Chat

Embedded chat feature allows both the supervisor and team to interact and communicate both professionally and personally.

"Some people see their team as employees or assets.
If you’ve taken time to read to this point, that's not you You know who you are. You're the leader of your tribe!"