Agent Productivity
Increase the productivity while working remotely
Collaborationroom.AI is a cutting-edge alternative to all
other collaboration tools in the marketplace, a purpose
built tool designed for Contact Centers, this platform
empowers supervisors with ability to manage teams
as if they were in a brick-and-mortar type facility.

What happens when the tools
in your belt no longer meet the needs of the evolving job?

Human beings perceive 80% of the world from only one of their five senses and over 90% from just two. Sight is our perceptive tool. Hearing is a distant second. The other three? They are extremely important to us all, but let’s save touch, taste, and smell for nonbusiness-related discussions.

Engage and collaborate better while working remotely

When physically going to the contact center was standard and work-from-home was only reserved for the most proven and trusted team members, your supervisors were the masters of their domain. Your call floor was their territory. It was their own little business, and they ran it accordingly!

They understood how and when to manage a team member
into a more productive mode, but for many of them, those
days are gone. One of the most reliable tools are no longer
perfectly fit for the job of managing remote team members.

They are struggling a lot to move the needle forward and
effectively manage their teams in the most productive way.
They need your help! Unfortunately, it’s a new world for you.

We assume that is why you are here.
-They saw when someone looked distraught, assisted quickly.

-They could see when someone took a slightly longer break.

-They heard when someone’s voice was being raised in need.
So, let us guide you to empowering your supervisors with the tools they need to,
once again, become the masters of their domain!

Individual Team Rooms

Provision of a virtual room for the
supervisors and team members.
Managers, system admins can
access all of the team rooms

Breakout Rooms

Provision of break-out rooms allow meetings and trainings where both
team members and the supervisors
can share and collaborate on ideas.

Assistance Notification

Collaborationroom.AI allows team members the ability to notify their supervisor when their assistance is
needed using a virtual “hand raise”.

Private Calls 1:1 Coaching

Collaboration.AI enables both the supervisor and team members to
initiate one - on - one private calls
for training assistance, feedback.

Object A.I.

Collaborationroom.AI leverages
object A.I. to determine whether a
cell phone or more than one person
is present in the member’s camera

Real-time Chat

Collaborationroom.AI’s chat feature
allows the supervisors to provide a
real time feedback to an individual or
team without interrupting productivity

Team & Individual Reporting

Provides a to-the-minute, robust
reporting of a team, team member’s
call activity, screen activity, breaks,
lunches, mood changes, private calls

"You know you need to leverage new technologies
to ensure your team members and organisation thrive.
Now you know the tool that can make that happen"