CCMR3 Increase Employee Productivity by Partnering with Collaborationroom.AI

CCMR3 is a full-service accounts receivables partner specializing in first and third part collections, debt purchasing and litigation services.  CCMR3 Launched Collaborationroom.AI in July and within 60 days saw a dramatic increase in Production numbers. Please see link below for complete Case Study.

Checkout CCMR3 Case Study

CCMR3 Employee Productivity with CollaborationRoom.Ai offers a fresh approach to team engagement and development in a remote working setting. Supervisors and instructors can manage their teams as if they were working together in the same office using our patent-pending solution. Global members of your team can work together using our collaborative tools. You can instantly share files, documents, and content with your diverse team. This facilitates quicker and more efficient decision-making to address particular issues.

Additionally, keeps track of previous choices made. These data points can be used by businesses to inform their decisions and guard employees against common pitfalls and take their productivity to a new level of success.

Since joining , CCMR3’s success is reaching new heights as we provided them with top-notch services , which results in :-

Increased Engagement

“Using artificial intelligence, we measure emotions & facial expressions. If an employee is exhibiting signs of being overwhelmed or frustrated, their manager will be alerted to step in.”

CCMR3 utilises our collaboration software to access skills and talents in novel ways. Managers can focus on the tasks that call for the greatest level of collaboration before quickly acquiring the necessary information from within or outside the organization. Artificial intelligence is being used to analyze emotions and facial expressions, and if an employee displays signs of being overworked or frustrated, their manager will be notified and asked to step in.

Increased Productivity

“Our technology lets supervisors view employees at their remote workstations and monitor their screens in real time.”

On web-based and mobile apps, our software can seamlessly integrate with CCMR3’s internal and external teams. It makes it possible for their team to operate more successfully and productively over time, ensuring CCMR3’s success. Their managers can view employees at far-off workstations and keep an eye on their screens in real time thanks to our technology.

Increased Compliance

“Stop malicious behavior and keep customer information safe. Our software detects other individuals and cell phones in the employee’s work environment.”

CCMR3 quickly accesses the gig economy for a more adaptable workplace that eliminates unwanted distractions with the aid of our collaboration tools. We put a stop to criminal activity and protect customer information. Additionally, our software can locate other people and mobile devices in the workspace of CCMR3’s employees.

Increased Transparency

We enable digital transformation and application modernization for large-scale Oracle deployments by raising everyone’s level of transparency. The usefulness of that accessibility extends beyond managing internal teams, and it assisted our partner CCMR3 in boosting employee productivity and climb the ladder of success.

More than Us the Numbers Speak!

CCMR3 is a full-service accounts receivable partner specializing in first- and third-party collections,
debt purchasing and litigation services. Since launching the partnership, CCMR3 has seen-

  • 17% INCREASE in system time
  • 26% INCREASE in call volumes
  • 51% INCREASE in accounts worked
  • 3% INCREASE in avg. cash collected per collector

Hear From One Of Our Partners

“CollaborationRoom.Ai has given CCMR3 the opportunity to implement a remote-hybrid work environment without compromising employee productivity or engagement. In fact, employees who work remotely while using CollaborationRoom.Ai have proven to be more productive & effective than ever before.”

– Jacob Corlyon, Co-founder & CEO, CCMR3

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