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    About Us

    What is CollaborationRoom.Ai

    CollaborationRoom.AI is a next generation tool built to engage your work from home employees. It was built to give your employees the same experience they would have if they were in your brick and mortar facility. It also enables you to protect sensitive customer PII or PHI data, by alerting supervisors in real-time.

    One Consistent Experience

    Highly customizable
    • Each client has  different needs not One shoe fit all
    • Customize your URL – –
    • Customize your Collaboration Room
    No storing of images or video
    Cloud application that needs no deployment of software on computers
    Advanced Instructor display
    Multiple screen/ Pagination if there are more than 9 students in the class
    • Participants Name changes color when AI recognizes changes in facial expression. Also supervisor can stop and start Video/Camera and Audio device of logged in participants
    • No other collaboration tool allows you to view multiple screen and video at the same time.
    • 1-1 Coaching call
    • Advanced Whiteboard
    Real time Communication
    • Group Chat
    • Raise the hand functionality
    Cloud based application that delivers ROI from the very first minute you use it.
    AI enabled collaboration that enables you to
    • Detect number of faces in the stream
    • Detect Facial Expression- Video says a
      thousand words
    No local installation on endpoint
    • We are using WebRtc allowing our application will run on any modern browser
    • We support
      • Chrome 28+, Firefox 22+,Microsoft Edge 12+
    Real time engagement, providing real time feedback while protecting employee privacy
    Bandwidth optimization by only sending relevant streams to Agent Desktops

    Selection Page

    Customized to enterprise need at deployment
    Each room support 25-30 participants.
    Select the Audio and Video Device you want to use.
    • Save IT Trouble Tickets when you give your agents Webcams

    Quick Software Overview

    Ability to create multiple collaboration rooms and engage all the participants in it.

    Advanced Analytics

    Feature List

    White Label Collaboration tool purpose built for Contact Centers
    End to End Encryption
    • No decrypting of packets to do analysis
    Ability to create collaboration spaces for each team in your organization
    Bandwidth optimization
    • Agent Bandwidth needed -450Kbps
    • Supervisor Bandwidth –Depends on number of participants
    Advanced Instructor/supervisor display
    • Ability to see multiple Screen and Video at the same time
    • Start/Stop Video/screen and Audio for all participants Real time feedback on Engagement of all participants on the screen
    Simplified Display for Agents
    • Only see Instructor/Supervisor Screen
    • Raise Hand to get Instructor/Supervisor attention
    Advanced Analytics
    • Realtime stats on Agent Productivity
    • Realtime stats on Agent Engagement

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