Overview and FAQs

Looking for an engagement, productivity, and monitoring tool to help your team make remote work work?
We’ve got you covered.


Foster a more collaborative and productive work environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction and better business outcomes.


Maintain employee engagement and focus during remote training sessions, providing real-time monitoring and coaching opportunities.


Real-time monitoring and coaching features that help supervisors identify and address productivity issues immediately, leading to increased efficiency and output.


Ensure employees are following the necessary protocols that help organizations meet industry security regulations and company policies.


CollaborationRoom.ai provides a unique agent engagement, productivity, training, and monitoring tool that allows remote leaders to bring the best parts of the office directly to their remote workers’ browser. Our software is designed to take advantage of the future of work right now and make remote work, work.  

CollaborationRoom.ai takes privacy and data protection very seriously. We safeguard your sensitive information by not collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the first place. Our software works in tandem with your existing tools, enhancing your existing security efforts. 

CollaborationRoom.ai employs advanced Object Detection AI technology. This enables our system to accurately identify cell phones and a wide variety of other objects within its scope.

While CollaborationRoom.ai is designed with call centers in mind, it’s equally beneficial to any business aiming to enhance employee engagement, productivity, training, and security. Moreover, it’s an ideal solution for both in-office and remote workforce, catering to the needs of blended agents and remote supervisors as well.

Implementing CollaborationRoom.ai in your workspace can be a swift process. It generally takes a few days to set up production and training rooms, as well as end user accounts. We’re here to make remote work, work and we know how important speed is to your remote team. 

At CollaborationRoom.ai, we are committed to offering comprehensive customer support. Our new customer service portal allows users to log issues or provide feedback for quick assessment and solutions. Customers also have the option to email us at our support address, which automatically records your problem into our portal and provides regular updates.

Unlike other platforms that specialize in specific areas like security or compliance, CollaborationRoom.ai is a comprehensive solution. It caters to all facets of remote work, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses transitioning to or embracing a remote workforce. 

CollaborationRoom.ai prides itself on its standalone, browser-based platform, reducing dependencies on other applications. However, we are actively exploring integrations with dialer platforms and are open to other third-party integrations as well.

CollaborationRoom.ai requires minimal training. Typically, a one-hour session is sufficient to train the trainer, though we can also accommodate group training sessions for larger clients.

Yes, users can access CollaborationRoom.ai through the Chrome app on various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. A dedicated mobile app is currently in the planning and development stage.

At CollaborationRoom.ai, we introduce updates and new features through quarterly versions, while also providing necessary patches for support or urgent client needs.

CollaborationRoom.ai offers flexible, tiered pricing based on licensing count. We offer month-to-month terms as well as discounts for longer-term contracts.

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